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Information technology experts

Team with more than 20 years of experience

We provide solutions in the form of services or products

attending to the personal needs of each client

Digital publication

Integral solution and implementation on Editmaker, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. More than 150 publications currently managed in the portfolio. More than 1,000 projects implemented. Migrations, advertising, hosting, support, updates, backups, statistics, flat rate and much more.

Web development

We will conduct a requirements gathering to design a technology system that serves your business. Combining opensource with custom developments we try to give practical solutions (e.g. joomla components, wordpress widget, etc). Your success guarantees our success. Hosting and domain, data migrations, SEO and SEM, security audit, social networks.

Artificial intelligence

Editmaker now incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a useful work tool for editors in the publication's news edition. We also have WordPress solutions.

Sales and membership

Paywall, loyalty, membership systems. Online stores, online digital publications and physical products. Woocommerce, PMPRo

24/7 consulting and training

Advice on content management, advertising, infrastructure, software and business model.


We help you to monetize your business with assistance and advice on the different techniques, methods and in general the existing functioning of the Internet advertising market. Advertising affiliation network.

Content management

Specialists in content management systems for editorial media. Whatever CMS you choose, we have extensive experience providing a comprehensive service, so that the editor can worry about the content and not so much about the tool used, staying much more relaxed and delegating technical issues that have little to do with your business.


More and more publishers are choosing to use this openSource because of the advantages of the development community. We currently manage more than 50 wordpress publications, doing maintenance, updates, configurations, custom developments, etc.


This robust framework/cms is also the choice of many publishers. We make custom components, plugins or extensions. We have had about 10 clients for several years.

It is the proprietary CMS we developed 20 years ago. The perfect solution to have an up-to-date tool that is always up to date. As the owner, we take care of everything.

Our partners

The company

CibelesGroup was founded in 2000 in Madrid (Spain) as a technological ally of publishing groups, offering them content management systems tailored to their needs. In 2008, we opened offices in Miami (USA) and Mendoza (Argentina). The American headquarters gives us reliability and reach, while the Argentine headquarters gives us competitiveness and scalability.

Today, we consider ourselves to be a leading company in the sector, very experienced both in the technology environment and in the needs of our customers, which is able to provide very competitive solutions thanks to the fact that we have acquired a high level of know-how and have a comfortable infrastructure that allows us to grow.

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